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Android Nougat Begins Rolling out to HTC 10 Friday

Google released the latest version of its OS, the Android Nougat a couple of months ago. Ever since then, smartphone users all over the world eagerly wait for it to reach their handsets. HTC 10 users who own the unlocked version of the smartphone will receive the new operating system these days. HTC USA announced on their Twitter page that the Android Nougat will start rolling out to these handsets starting on Friday. This time around only the unlocked HTC 10 will receive the upgrade. However, according to the smartphone manufacturer, the carrier variants of HTC 10 and HTC One M9 will get the new operating system at the beginning of next year.

Google’s Android Nougat is, according to many, the operating system’s best version released to the day. Some of the users are impressed by the grand variety of emojis, and the ability to use two or more languages at the same time. Others enjoy the OS because of its i-window view. This allows them to run two apps side by side, so they won’t miss out on anything. It is also incredibly easy to switch between apps with the Nougat, so users will definitely like this too.

Vulkan API is also a nice addition to the OS with its high-performance 3D graphics. Google also kept the Doze feature in the new version of its operating system, so users will be able to save energy when needed. Naturally, the Android Nougat also offers features that allow users to easily reach their apps and notifications, and it ensures the safety of the handsets it runs on thanks to its security features. Overall, the Nougat seems to be a great version of Goole’s Android operating system and starting today unlocked HTC 10 owners can enjoy it. The upgrade will not reach every handset at the same time but keep calm, it will get to your gadget too in a  short while.


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