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Netflix Now Allows Users to Download Content

Netflix is definitely one of the most popular streaming services in the world. Up until now, users could only watch media content online or DVD by mail. Now, the company decided to take it one step further. According to Business Insider, the streaming service announced on Wednesday that starting today, users will be able to also download content and watch it later. This was already an option for Amazon Video users before, which is Netflix’s biggest competitor. It seems that this feature was a desired one by users. This is why the Scotts Valley, California- based company decided to act accordingly. This is quite a surprise, given the fact that the company was quite reluctant to allowing downloads and watching media content offline before. Fortunately, it seems that they decided to go with the flow. Now they allow users to enjoy their content even when not having access to the net.


However, not every video on Netflix will be downloadable. According to the same source, the company has a limited list of downloadable content, including original Netflix shows and a number of third- party shows and movies, alongside a bunch of documentaries. Even though so far the company limits the availability of media content for download, it seems that they will add many more titles to their list. The download option works on both iOS and Android devices. However, users must keep in mind that it only works on the latest version of the app, so they should consider upgrading the application on their gadgets. The new version is available starting Wednesday. Downloading the videos is quite easy. All users need to do in order to store the media content on their devices is push the download button that now appears next to the movies and shows.

Even though streaming media is already a  good thing, the possibility of downloading it is even better. In some cases, we would rather sleep than spend the night in front of the TV, but we would also like to know what happened in our favorite TV shows. With the new download option, we can watch it later. And this is terrific. We salute Netflix’s choice to allow users to download the content.

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