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Snapchat Spectacles Are Now Available with Prescription Lenses

Cool wearable is all around us. The majority of us have at least one wearable gadget, such as a smartwatch or fitness tracker, but only a few people have one of te most amazing wearables: the Snapchat spectacles. Until now, the reason why some people could not wear one were the fact that they weren’t available with prescription lenses. Now, this changed, and those who have problems with their vision ca also enjoy the gadget. According to Mashable, the one who saves the day is the same Rochester Optical who delivered the prescription lenses for Google Glass.

Of course, the prescription lenses for the Snapchat spectacles come for a price. Besides the $130 customers need to spend on the spectacles themselves, they will also pay at least $99 for the special lenses. The $99 price tag is only for the normal lenses. If you need or want something special, such as polarized or photochromic lenses will cost around $200 while the high-indexed lenses will set  customers back $149. All people need to do in order to have prescription glasses on their Snapchat spectacles is order the glasses and ship them to Rochester Optical. Here, the spectacles will get their special lenses, carefully made by the optical company. Of course, in order to enjoy these lenses customers will also need to send their prescription as well as the spectacles.

Unfortunately, there is one downside of this matter. The special lenses can only go as high as 5 diopters. Anything that exceeds that is off limits. Even though this might not be an inconvenient for the majority of people, who use glasses with lower diopters, those who have more serious problems with their vision ill not get to enjoy the Snapchat spectacles in the near future. However, in case you don’t need lenses with higher diopters, you can order your Snapchat spectacles with prescription lenses from this moment on. Who said that people can’t enjoy a pair of spectacles that are also a video camera, and see perfectly at the same time?

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