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Latest Bose Hearphones Are Actually Hearing Aids

The majority of us appreciate a pair of good headphones. We just love to have our music with us at all times, and in order to do so, we really need these little gadgets. Unfortunately, there are  a lot of people who can’t really enjoy the beautiful sounds that surround us. For these persons, thankfully, there are more and more hearing aids developed every day. According to The Verge, the latest gadgets that act like a hearing aid are the Bose Hearphones. They look just like regular earbuds, but they don’t only allow you to listen to your favorite jams, they also augment the sounds of the world around you.

The latest earbuds are not the company’s first attempt to improve the hearing of its users. Bose already delivered headsets that offered active noise-cancellation technology. The earbuds that were recently released, however, are a notch better than that. This time around, the company decided to allow users to have more control over what they hear. This is why they can pick and choose what kinds of outside noises they will hear while wearing the Bose earbuds. Users can even control what direction the noises they can hear come from.

Naturally, the Bose Hearphones are completed by a specific app. This recently made its appearance in the App Store. It enables users to turn the “world volume” up or down, and change the direction they hear those sounds from. Users can choose between different preset modes that were created for helping them hear better. The application offers users the possibility to opt between “television,” “focused conversation,” “airplane,” “doctor’s office,” or “gym” modes. In all of these, noises that shouldn’t be there are blocked, while the sounds users should be able to hear are augmented.

Even though the Bose Hearphones are not actual hearing aids, they can come in handy for those who don’t have serious hearing problems, but they don’t hear perfectly either.Every helping hand is appreciated, and so are the Bose earbuds. Unfortunately, there is no news regarding the availability of pricing of the gadget. The user manual of the device was recently submitted to the FCC. This makes us believe that we will see the Bose Hearphones released sometime soon. Given its utility, we salute the company and hope they will keep up the good work.

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