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coby core mini mojo speaker. Image credit: Coby

Coby Core Mini Mojo Speaker Debuts at CES 2017

The year has just begun and we already have a great number of new gadgets, thanks to the CES 2017. One of the latest products to make its debut at the conference is the Coby Core all weather Mini Mojo Bluetooth Speaker. The new speaker may be tiny, but it has a lot of power. And it offers a high level of water resistance, so the weather shouldn’t be an issue for users. Thanks to its size the speaker is ultra portable, so users can take it everywhere with them.

As I already mentioned, the Coby Core Mini Mojo Speaker is water resistance. It is rubber coated, which makes it not only resistant to the elements but also more durable. In case users drop it, the chances of serious damage are really scarce. The speaker features the company’s own DigiTrue technology. This makes it sound really well. The sound is rounder, fuller and clearer. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity of the speaker, users can control it from their smartphones or tablets. One aspect that users can’t control remotely is the power of the speaker. The company worked with several artists when developing the speaker, so it’s safe to say that it is a gadget created by the people that also make the music.

The new Coby Core Mini Mojo Speaker will be available in several colors. These include blue, green, fuchsia, red, and the traditional black and white. This way, everyone can opt for the color that best represents the. Even though Corby announced the speaker at the CES 2017, it will only be available later. Customers will be able to purchase the Mini Mojo in the first quarter of this year for a reasonable, $24.99 price. Given the fact that it is a portable speaker that users can easily take with them everywhere, this seems to be the right price for the product.


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