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Verizon and Ahold USA Complete Technology Overhaul of Retail Brands

Ahold USA’s retail divisions, Stop & Shop New England, Stop & Shop New York Metro, Giant Landover, and Giant Carlisle suffered a total makeover with the help of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. The goal of the project was to create smarter stores for the customers of the company. Nowadays people rely a lot on smartphones and public Wi-Fi when shopping. This is why it is crucial for retailers to offer strong and reliable networks for the people who enter their stores. Ahold USA seems to know this, this is why they partnered up with Verizon to create the smart stores.

As a result of this joint project, Ahold USA brought Wi-Fi to all 780 division stores. They also increased network bandwidth in order to move data more quickly. Given the mobile feature SCAN IT, supported by Ahold USA, a reliable Wi-FI connection in their stores is crucial. The app allows users to scan items for self- serve checkout with the help of their smartphones. Naturally, the strong network connectivity also helps Ahold USA division associates to rapidly and securely transmit data. These can be related to everything, from inventory needs to medical prescriptions and point of sale transactions.

The technology overhaul doesn’t only offer an enhanced customer experience, it also benefits the business. Different divisions can easily perform their tasks thanks to the improved network connectivity. All locations now have Verizon’s business-grade voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone solution. This streamlines network management and cost efficiencies while extending the capabilities of the company’s existing phone system. The addition of the wireless network capabilities will provide backup connectivity. This way, they can maintain business continuity even in the event of outages. Basically, no matter what happens, Ahold USA divisions will be able to keep on working. Given the fact that technological difficulties can seriously harm a business and cause the loss of a great number of customers, the attention that Ahold USA pays to this matter is extremely important. More businesses should follow their example.

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