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Qualcomm Responds to Apple Complaint

Qualcomm responded to Apple’s complaints only a few hours after they were filed. The response comes in the form of a press release. Qualcomm states that even though they are still reviewing the complaint, it is quite clear that Cupertino- based company’s allegations are false. According to the chipset manufacturer, Apple intentionally mischaracterized the importance of Qualcomm’s work and the nature of the agreements and negotiations between the two companies. The San Diego- based company believes that Apple not only diminished the efforts of the chipset manufacturer but also actively encouraged regulatory attacks against the developer of Snapdragon processors.

In its response, Qualcomm also states that the company welcomes the opportunity to fully discover the tech giant’s practices. It is a good opportunity to restate the real merits and value of the technology they invented. Let’s face it, without a great processor, a gadget is worthless. The aforementioned press release comes as a response to Apple’s $1 billion lawsuits against the chip supplier. The Cupertino- based company claims that the chip manufacturer overcharged them for chips. It also refused to pay around $1 billion in promised rebates. In its complaint, the tech giant also stated that the San Diego-based company refused the payments due to Apple’s discussions with the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

Naturally, Qualcomm thinks that all of Apple’s allegations are false and malicious. It’s really hard to say which company is right. As usual, it’s also possible that the truth is somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately for the chipset manufacturer, Apple isn’t the only one to file a complaint against the company. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission also filed a suit against the chipset supplier. They say that the San Diego- based company used their dominant position to impose burdensome supply and licensing terms on cellphone manufacturers. The best thing for cell phone manufacturers is to have as many suppliers as possible. This way, the price of the components c

The best thing for cell phone manufacturers is to have as many suppliers as possible. This way, the price of the components remain down. However, manufacturers of different cell phone components can make a lot more money if they don’t have a lot of competition. It’s extremely hard to say which version is fair. After all, everyone plans on winning as much as they can. Unfortunately, someone always has to lose in these contracts. We will keep an eye on the following proceedings and keep you in the loop on who’s winning the law suits.

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