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Stagg EKG Raised Over 324% of Initial Goal on Kickstarter

No one can say that they don’t rely on gadgets to complete different tasks. Even though the most common ones are smartphones, tablets, and such, we use them in the kitchen too. Whether we speak of larger appliances or smaller ones, we all love them because they make our lives easier. And more beautiful in some cases. It is the case of the Stagg EKG, the electric pour- over kettle for coffee lovers. We don’t own it yet, but thanks to Kickstarter,  we will soon. The project launched on December 27 and reached its goal in only a day. Now, it already raised more than 3245% of its initial goal.


The Stagg EKG was developed by Fellow, a team that pays a lot of attention to brewing the perfect coffee. They already delivered a stovetop kettle, and now they came back with a new cool gadget. The pour- over kettle doesn’t only complete its task efficiently, it also looks great. It has a minimalistic, yet elegant design that fits in every kitchen. Some might ask why we think of a kettle as a gadget. Because it is a smart one. Users can select the desired temperature from 135°F to 212°F by turning the knob and the kettle does the rest. It warms up the water to the perfect temperature.

The Stagg EKG shows not only the set temperature but also the real temperature. And it does it in style, on a slick, black LCD display. Of course, the device can also maintain the set temperature for up to 30 minutes if users activate the hold button which is set on the side of the device. If users don’t choose this option, the kettle will automatically stop when it reaches the temperature the user needs it to.


There is even more. The Stagg EKG+ offers everything that its simpler sibling does, plus Bluetooth connectivity. This way, users can turn the kettle on via Bluetooth by using the Brewbar Tablet App. With the same app, they can set the temperature and get real- time temperature updates. Thanks to this feature, users don’t have to stay in the proximity of the kettle to know how much they need to wait until brewing is complete. And this is still not all. The Brewbar Tablet App also keeps track of the user’s recipes. This way, they will easily fix the perfect coffee for their mood. Naturally, it can also be used by tea lovers, not only for coffee. The estimated retail price of the final product will be of $150 for the Stagg EKG and $199 for the EKG+.

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