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Klipfone is a Headset Almost Impossible to Lose

Almost everyone has lost at least once a headset. This can be extremely frustrating. They are usually small, so they are easy to lose. The wired ones keep tangling in our pockets, while the wireless ones keep getting misplaced. Klipfone LLC decided to create a new headset that seems to solve all the problems our earbuds cause us. They just launched a project on Indiegogo for a headset users can clip on their smartphones. This way, it is always at hand and it won’t disappear when you most need it.

The Klipfone has a stylish design. It is thin, and thanks to its metallic finish it looks quite slick. It is small, so it’s really easy to carry around and use. Unfortunately, it only fits 6mm to 8mm thick smartphones, so if you own a bulkier one, you’ll have to wait until another model comes around. It is a wireless device, so it needs to be charged once in a while. Thankfully, this is a really simple process. Users can charge the Klipfone by plugging it into the USB port of your laptop or the USB socket of a wall adaptor.


The headset has a CSR chipset and it features Bluetooth version 4.1 with A2DP. NFC-assisted auto pairing. The gadget offers dual mic with noise reduction and audio enhancement. On a two- hour charge the headset can ensure four hours of talk time. In standby mode, it can last for up to 160 hours on a single charge. Even though at this point Klipfone LLC only managed to deliver the prototype, they will use all the funds from the Indiegogo campaign to go into mass production. If the project proves to be a success, backers can receive their headsets as soon as September 2017.

Unfortunately, the project only managed to raise 3% of its $84.000 fixed goal up until now. There still are 13 days to go until the funding campaign ends. This way, there still is a chance to see the Klipfone become reality. The estimated retail price of the gadget when it goes into mass production is $80. Early birds can get it for only $32 if they back the project.

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