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Project Toe App Gives $500 a Month to Most Popular Support Group

Project Toe is a mental help app for those most need it. Mike Bardi, the co-founder of the app just announced a new initiative that will grant $500 monthly towards further helping people.  This sum won’t go to every single user, instead, the founders of the project will help out the support group with the highest number of members. Even though for some people this kind of apps could seem to be useless, for others they can be life changers. The app gives a helping hand to those who are dealing with depression and have suicidal thoughts. It also reaches out to people who harm themselves and have different addictions.

The app first launched in 2015. In the rather short period of time since its release, it already gathered more than 6000 users. It hosts approximately 3000 support groups all around the globe. Users can benefit from the Project Toe in many ways. They can join support groups that handle issues similar to the ones the users have, or they can create their own group. Users can also chat one- on- one and share their life stories through a post in the app. It may not seem to be a lot, but it actually is extremely important for those with serious issues to have a place where they can interact with others who are in the same situation.  Seeing that they are not alone can seriously improve their state of mind.

Furthermore, users can opt to have a talk with an online therapist. Unfortunately, the interaction with the therapist can only take place if the users pay a fee. It is a low fee, so it can be more affordable than actually going to a therapist’s office. The app itself is free and it works with iTune and Android. There is also a so- called “grateful wall”. This allows participants to share positive thoughts they have towards each other. A really nice community can be created this way. Through this app, people can help each other to cope with a number of issues. These include anxiety, stress, loneliness, or any challenge that we all face throughout our lives. It is a great way to get help even for those who don’t want to engage in face-to-face discussions.

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