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NIFTYX Allows People To Wear Their Charging Cables

We all depend on our smartphones and tablets, whether we care to admit it or not. Unfortunately, this addiction can be extremely frustrating at times. Especially when our gadgets run out of juice exactly when we need them the most. The NIFTYX LifeSaving Bracelet is ready to save the day. The company launched their second Indiegogo project in order to deliver yet another good-looking wearable that can provide emergency charging to our smartphones. When users don’t need it to feed their gadgets, it can be a cool wearable.

The NIFTYX LifeSaving Bracelet is made of genuine leather and it is hand braided. It is available in three different colors: Twilight Black, Chestnut Tan, and Burgundy Red. Thanks to its design many people wouldn’t even think that it is also useful, not only good- looking. The integrated power bank comes in two color variants. Users can choose between all black power banks and black and white ones. No matter the choice of colors, they will save the day whenever users need them to. The bracelet is able to ensure up to 50 minutes of talk time, 40 minutes of internet browsing, or 150 minutes of audio playback. Unfortunately, the bracelet isn’t able to provide a full charge for your smartphone but it can buy you time in order to get home and feed your gadget.

The bracelet is water resistant. This means that users can go into the water with it and still be able to charge their smartphones afterward. Of course, users should have in mind that they need to dry the gadget before plugging it into their devices. The price of the bracelet starts at $14 on Indiegogo. This is basically a bargain even if we think of it as a simple bracelet. If we consider its utility also, it’s even better.

The fact that the project will be a success is quite certain. The project already managed to raise more than 1644% of its original flexible goal. The devices will start shipping as soon as April 2017. It is a cool and useful gadget, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see it become extremely popular.


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