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Rayz Plus

Rayz and Rayz Plus are the Latest Lightning Earphones Introduced by Pioneer

Last year, when the iPhone first appeared lacking a 3.5mm audio jack some people thought it was the end of the world. Actually, this fact just opened up a whole new niche in the earphone market. Pioneer is one of the first companies to take advantage of the new situation, by introducing two new earphone models, the Rayz and the Rayz Plus. Both models are Lightning accessories for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. These accessories fully take advantage of the intelligence of an iOS app in order to deliver a truly great audio experience.

The new Pioneer earphones don’t need any additional batteries, they take their energy from the iPhone, iPad or iPod they are paired with. The Rayz Plus earphones also allow these devices to charge while they are connected and in use. Even though the Pioneer ear pieces aren’t large at all, they house six microphones. Thanks to these, they feature smart noise cancellation and HearThruä mode. This lets in just the right amount of outside noises for the user to stay connected to the world. The earphones are truly smart, they can sense whether they are in or out of the user’s ears. When they know they are out, they automatically pause and restart the content. this way, the users doesn’t miss out on anything.

Of course, the Pioneer earphone come with a special companion app. The Rayz by Pioneer app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch enables users to personalize the earphone’s settings. They can adjust the audio EQ and program the smart button. Naturally, this app also allows users to benefit from software updates. This way, their earphones will always be in line with the latest news. The Rayz earphones are available in Onyx and Ice and Rayz Plus is available in Graphite and Bronze metallic finishes. They will be available at OneCall.com. The suggested retail prices are $149.95 for the Rayz Plus and $99.95 for the Rayz.

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