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Urban Armor Gear Glass Screen for Surface Pro 4 and Pro 3 Approved by Microsoft

Urban Armor Gear just announced that Microsoft’s Designed for Surface Program recently approved their Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro 3 glass screen protectors.The high-strength, tempered-glass screen protector the company created for Microsoft Surface Pro devices is able to efficiently protect these devices. Given the fact that they are ultra-portable, it’s safe to say that users constantly expose them to less than perfect circumstances. This way, they are often in the position of getting damaged. This is why a good protective shield is essential for the Surface Pro tablets. And it seems that UAG delivered it. At least, that is what the approval of the glass screen by Microsoft tells us.

The glass screen by Urban Armor Gear offers superior scratch resistance, an oleophobic anti-fingerprint coating, and blue light blocking eye protection for reduced eye strain. All this comes on a slim screen that won’t add any unnecessary thickness or weight to the tablet it protects. Naturally, the screen is compatible with the Surface Pen, which is an important accessory for the Surface Pro. The screen is made from premium quality Japanese glass. This grants the maximum optical clarity a glass screen of its kind can offer. The screen is not necessarily cheap, however. The Urban Armor Gear protective glass screen’s retail price is $59.95. This isn’t really expensive, but it isn’t exactly affordable either.

UAG designs and manufactures a number of rugged, lightweight and durable mobile accessories. It delivers rugged iPhone cases, MacBook cases, and iPad cases. The company also manufactures durable cases for select Samsung smartphone models, screen shields for Microsoft devices and a number of accessories for LG, Google, and Huawei smartphones. All of the UAG products have a rugged look, which makes it perfect for active people who enjoy a little edgy look in their mobile accessories. Besides the edgy look, the UAG cases also offer a high- class protection for the mobile devices they dress up. With these cases and screen shields, our favorite mobile devices are safe from scratches, falls and other accidents. However, don’t try to smash it on purpose, the cases won’t cover that kind of incidents. Buyers can even suggest future products to the manufacturer.


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