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Galaxy S8 Plus Leaked Image Confirms 3,500mAh Battery

The next smartphone we all are eagerly waiting for to launch is the Samsung Galaxy S8. As of this year, the company decided to ditch the Edge model. Instead, it will seemingly go with the Galaxy S8 Plus moniker. Everyone was hoping to see the smartphones at the MWC 2017 at the end of February, however, it failed to make an appearance. Now, it seems that the new handsets will be launched on March 29. Of course, a lot of rumors concerning the handsets already surfaced on the web. Some are quite plausible, others not so much.

A recently leaked image seems to confirm one rumor: the larger Galaxy S8 will feature a 3,500mAh battery. Even though previous flagship smartphones had 3,500mAh batteries or even smaller ones, for some people this feature could be a turndown. Given the processing power of the latest smartphones, one would expect to see a bigger battery in them. On the other side, a bigger battery would also mean a slightly chunkier design, and that wouldn’t be all right either. At least not for the majority of smartphone users. Handsets nowadays already tend to be larger, it would be great for them to remain thin at least.

galaxy s8 plus battery
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The leaked image shows that the battery in question was made by Samsung SDI in Korea and it was assembled in Vietnam. Of course, it is also possible that the image doesn’t even depict the battery of this smartphone. However, earlier rumors suggested this kind of battery for the S8 Plus. This is why we think it’s highly likely that the image is the real deal. Unfortunately, the leaked image doesn’t tell us any more about the upcoming handset. We know who manufactures the battery, but still, have no idea who makes the smartphone itself. One thing is for sure: Samsung really has to make up to its fans for the Note 7 fiasco of last year.

Those who would like to own the upcoming Samsung flagship are probably a little bit concerned that this smartphone’s battery will also explode. This time around, the company took extra time to develop the handsets. It’s safe to say that the batteries were a priority for Samsung. After all, another scandal could ruin the company’s name on the smartphone market.


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