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Tech gadgets that help you beat the casino

Anybody who’s anything considers himself a bit of a tech genius. Indeed, with the kind of technologies that modern devices pack in themselves, it’s hardly anything to wonder at. The question on everyone’s mind is – how can I do my stuff better with some smart technology? Casino gaming livers, true to their self, ask – which gadgets can help me show the house who’s the boss! This guide has the answers. Just that we don’t recommend any kind of cheating in a casino. Apart from a few broken bones, it could mean you don’t get to play soon. Read on.

Blackjack Card Counter

Considering the global popularity of blackjack, it’s hardly a surprise that there are sophisticated strategies that help players impress their odds against the house. Among these, the most dependable ones are – HiLo method, Hi-Opt-I, Hi-Opt-II strategy, and Omega II method. The problem, however, is that humans just can’t count cards beyond an absolute limit. Apps, yet, can do that. Blackjack Card Counter app, for instance, lets you do just that. It keeps an accurate running count and accurate count of the cards and helps you beat the house.

Tip: Check the casino FAQ to understand whether card counting (manual, of course) is permitted. It’s allowed in most Nevada casinos.

Blackjack Beater

There’s more to being ‘smart’ about blackjack casino gaming. The ‘beater’ is a small, discreet, and vibrating device that can help you count cards. You just need to press the appropriate buttons when you see a high card, low card, or face down card. Then, the device will use the info to tell you, via a short or long vibration, whether to bet low or high. If you’re a master of stealth, you won’t be caught.

Our suggestion – become a master of card counting techniques, without any gadgets, because that’s a felony!

BYOD – Bring Your Dice

If you’ve been going to a casino for sometimes now, it’s easy enough to remember the look and feel of the dice thoroughly. How about replacing it with your own similar looking dice?

There are people out there who try to get the same dice as used by the casino and manipulate them by infusing in lead weight to one side, increasing the odds of some numbers to occur more often. This crazy tactic is also called controlled rolling. Rogue casinos use it to their advantage, probably now is the time to turn the tables.

However, casinos are equipped with the technology that can help them detect controlled dice via concealed cameras and personnel manning them to identify ‘smart pants’ like you. So, unless you think of yourself as a bit of a pro, this could well turn into BYOD – Bring Your Demise.

Card Holdout Devices

A mechanical wonder in their rights, these are concealed devices that can be mechanically activated to hand you some pre-chosen high or low-value cards. In a game like Baccarat or Blackjack, for instance, a player can summon his preferred card as a replacement to the genuinely dealt card, to change his fortunes. If you believe this trick is too extravagant to pull off, in reality, do a quick Google search, and you’ll find that tricksters are using this supposedly ‘primitive’ method to dupe casino dealers and manipulate their way to big winnings.

X-ray Vision

James Bond vision, anyone? In 2011, an Italian gang conned a casino off some hefty moolah, by using special contact lenses to spot invisible ink on cards and manipulate their game accordingly. Since then, vision enhancement devices have grown in capabilities. X-ray goggles will let you see through and read the cards of the players to your sides and in your front. What more could you ask for? Remember, if you’re able to pull this one off without instigating some suspicion for wearing dark glasses in a room, don’t let your smile or your ‘magical’ ability to be 100% right spoil the party.

Sliders for Slots

What makes slots different from most other casino games? There’s no dealer around, which means you get more time to execute your cheats. There have been countless cases of tricksters being able to use spring wires to trip the ‘payout’ switch inside the slot machine. Of course, your best chances of successfully doing this will depend on your understanding of the machine. It’s worth a gamble trying to small talk someone from the staff into naming the manufacturer or model number of the machine so that you can do your due diligence outside the casino.

Concluding Remarks

Often, knowledge is more valuable when you use it to avoid being ripped off yourself, instead of ripping someone off. We hope you use the information in this guide for the above purpose.


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