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Sonnet turns your smartphone into the coolest walkie- talkie

We all rely on our smartphones to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. However, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we can’t really use our cell phones due to various reasons. In some places, we simply can’t get a cell reception, in others the network is congested by too many users or it’s just down. While in some situations a conversation can wait, in others it can be quite urgent. For the latter situations, a Canadian company developed Sonnet. This gadget can basically turn your smartphone into a super walkie- talkie. And we all know those work anywhere. Basically, Sonnet combines all that’s good in a phone and a walkie- talkie.

What is Sonnet and how can it help you? First of all, let’s see what it is. Sonnet is a cool- looking wireless device that uses long- range radio signals to send instant messages, voice recordings, image data, and GPS coordinates whenever users don’t have cellular coverage or internet access for some reason. This way, this little gadget can help users keep in touch with family and friends wherever they decide to go, find their way when they get lost in the wilderness, save on roaming charges and share photos easily. It can also prove to be quite useful in places where the network gets congested, such as big events, gatherings and such.

Setting up the Sonnet is extremely easy. Users just need to connect their phone to the WiFi access point on the Sonnet, open their browser and go to the company’s website, and start chatting. Naturally, this will only work when your interlocutor also owns one of these gadgets. After all, walkie- talkies also require another walkie- talkie, don’t they? Unfortunately, the Sonnet won’t work from one end of the world to the other. The typical point-to-point range between two Sonnets is approximately 3 miles or 5 kilometers. If we think of big cities that is really not a big distance. However, this range can get longer if there is a line-of-sight.

Some people might worry about the lack of privacy when using Sonnet. Thankfully, the developers have paid a lot of attention to security. Apart from public messages and SOS distress calls, which should get to as many people as possible, all communications done with Sonnet are end-to-end encrypted with AES. WiFi connections between Sonnet and your smartphone are also protected.

This gadget works anywhere as it is weather proof. Its rugged design is perfect for outdoor use. It has an IP66 rating, so it can face dust and water pretty well. Also, it works as a power bank. The Sonnet features a USB port, allowing users to charge their handsets with it. Its 4,000mAh capacity should be enough for the majority of smartphones available right now. In case you still think that Sonnet is not useful enough, you should know that it also has offline maps and a panic button. What more could you ask for from such a device?

This amazing gadget is also quite affordable. If you pledge more than $89 for the Kickstarter project live now, you can get a pair of Sonnet devices to keep in touch with a loved one. $129 will get you three of these babies, while $210 can buy you five gadgets of this sort. If the crowdfunding campaign goes well, and it seems it will, the Sonnet will start shipping in November.

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