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Bitcoin almost crossed $10K threshold in the weekend, drops to $9,300

Bitcoin almost managed to cross the $10K milestone once again in the weekend. The cryptocurrency started its ascend on Friday and moved quite spectacularly upwards, however, it didn’t manage to cross the line after all. The coin stopped at the $9,900 value and simply couldn’t move forward from there. What’s more, on Saturday the cryptocurrency started falling and didn’t stop until it reached $9,258 today. At this point, the coin seems to have stabilized and its price even started to go slightly up in the last few hours. Naturally, the drop in Bitcoin price resulted in a great sum of money disappearing from the market.

In the past few weeks, Bitcoin has come close to the $10,000 threshold several times. The mark is hard to pass, however, according to analysts, once Bitcoin manages to take this step and maintain its position for 24 hours, it will get new powers and will easily reach $12K afterward. It’s hard to imagine at this point that this might happen in the near future, but then again, the cryptocurrency market is rather unpredictable so nothing is really off the table. Even if Bitcoin doesn’t succeed in passing the $10,000 mark, it could maintain its price at around$9,000, which is also great.

At this point, the price of Bitcoin seems to be rather steady, despite the events of the weekend. The price changes are only normal, just like in any other market and those who invested in the cryptocurrency should not lose their heads and start giving away their coins. According to many, the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise in the next couple of weeks. Of course, the movement won’t always be upwards but the end result could be a serious growth in value, making investor quite happy. We might even witness a spectacular rise once the coin passes the $10,000 milestone, just like it happened back in December.


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