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How and why You Should buy Aelf

Ethereum was the first blockchain network to offer a platform for building decentralized applications. Now, more than 5 other decentralized networks are offering the same services. Some are already threatening ethereum with their more advanced capabilities. Aelf, a programmable Operating System is one of them.

Developed by a Singapore-based team, Aelf is famous for its decentralized governance system and side chains that help run smart contracts more efficiently. Side chains communicate with the main chain but act independently to run a specific decentralized app. Find out more about how Aelf works at, www.abitgreedy.com/aelf/.

How to buy Aelf

Aelf is supported by 18 cryptocurrency exchanges, including top 10 exchanges like Binance and Huobi.pro. Here is an overview of each of the major exchanges and how they are unique from the rest.


Currently based in Malta, Binance boasts of being the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Deposits to the exchange are free whereas the trading fee is 0.1%. Additionally, you get a 50% discount on the trading fee by using the exchange’s BNB coin as your trading pair. Binance pairs Aelf with Bitcoin and ethereum and offer low withdrawal fees.


Gate is US-based and pairs Aelf with USDT. Like Binance, Gate.io was launched in 2017. However, the exchange attracts users with trading fee discounts and an extremely user-friendly platform. Their trading fees are low as well and the exchange falls in the top 10 of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.


Huobi is among the top five largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Like Binance, Huobi has its own coin that helps traders get trading fee discounts. The exchange’s standard trading fee is 0.2%. Purchasing the Huobi coin reduces the fee by between 10% and 50%. Unlike Binance, however, Huobi token is purchased as a package. The cheapest package contains 120 Huobi tokens, and each token costs $4.5 at the time of writing.


To a large extent, BiBox resembles Binance. Deposits are free, the trading fee is 0.1% and using BiBox tokens guarantees a 50% trading fee discount. However, the exchange beats Binance by providing voting rights to BiBox token owners and a platform to gamble on sports and major events.


OKex is one of the most established cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It has occasionally toppled Binance to lead in the top chart of highest trading volumes and in listing new coins as well. The exchange pairs Aelf with BTC. Its trading fee, like Binance, is 0.1% for both makers and takers.


KuCoin is famous for its fast adoption of new cryptocurrencies. They support more than 300 digital assets and pairs Aelf against BTC and ETH. Their trading fees are similar to those of most modern exchanges, 0.1% for both makers and takers.

KuCoin has an exchange-based coin known as Kucoin Shares. Purchasing the coin offers traders discount fees that range from 1% to 30%. You get a 1% discount fee for every 1000 KuCoin Shares you own. At the time of writing, one KCS coin is priced at $2.5.

For a complete list of exchanges that support Aelf, visit Aelf’s website.

Why you should buy Aelf

A Hidden Gem

The Aelf team opted to hold a private crowdfunding campaign as opposed to going public in December 2017. That meant the cryptocurrency would get into exchanges as a little-known coin like bitcoin did in 2009.

It was not until the coin got listed on major exchanges that people began to pay attention to Aelf. Six months after its launch, Aelf is still the less popular of platform coins like ethereum, NEO, and EOS. Compared to startups that held a public ICO, Aelf is deeply undervalued.

The Aelf OS

Aelf works like an Operating System. Like Linux, Aelf has a main chain, the equivalent of Linux Kernel that resolves the most complex parts. Aelf is then divided into smaller chains designed to support different functions. The way Aelf works helps avoid its OS, which in turn keeps it scalable.

Although each side chain communicates to the main chain, they do not overload the main chain, which keeps the network fast and seamless at all times.

Cross-Chain Communication

Aelf has the ability to communicate with bitcoin and ethereum. Most platform networks, including ethereum, can’t interact with other blockchains. This will give it an edge as new innovations to help enable atomic swaps increases. Atomic swapping will be a technology that enables the conversion of one cryptocurrency to another without involving an exchange.

Fast Payments

If trends are anything to go by, Aelf can also be used as a currency. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency but ethereum is nowadays also used as a currency. Aelf supports transaction speeds of just 4 seconds, much faster than both ethereum and bitcoin. If the cryptocurrency increases in growth and becomes stable in price, Aelf has a great potential to compete with coins designed to be currencies.

Solid Team

The Aelf network was developed by a team of experienced engineers, software developers, and blockchain entrepreneurs. Led by Ma Weibo, Aelf’s team has been pivotal in helping the network grow despite not holding a public ICO.

Within two months of launching, the team had already made partnerships with over a dozen exchanges and had helped wallets support the Aelf coin. Unlike most startups, Aelf has also been interactive with investors. The company has open and active communication channels.

The team makes announcements regularly and they are constantly looking for ways to grow their network.  Although the team is considerably small, its members have what it takes to help the Aelf network grow.

In Conclusion

Aelf is a relatively new cryptocurrency network with a lot to offer as a decentralized app platform. The company approaches the industry with a wide list of features instead of specializing in one particular niche.

Aelf’s dAPP platform is also unique and contains side chains that help improve scalability and performance with time. The Aelf coin, on the other hand, is still new amongst investors. Only six months since its launch, investing in Aelf now would make you an early adopter.

However, investing in any coin should be a well thought out decision. Research more about Aelf before making any investment decision.

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