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Surfshark VPN Review – Probably the best new VPN available right now

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Not everyone knows what VPN is, but those who do acknowledge just how important VPN is. Virtual Private Networks are able to ensure the privacy every Internet user longs for. There are a great number of VPN providers, all of which offer more or less the same services. Surfshark VPN is one of the newcomers, even so, it really seems to be just as great, if not even greater than the old players. Surfshark is still developing, however, it has a lot of precious features to offer for those who truly value their privacy.

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First of all, the developers at Surfshark took into consideration the fact that not every VPN user is a tech savvy. This is probably why the interface of Surshark is so clean. Even beginner level users can find their way around this VPN and use it efficiently. Secondly, Surfshark VPN extension is incredibly fast. This is mainly due to the fact that as its name suggests, it is an extension rather than a software. This means that it won’t use up more resources from the users’ computers than it absolutely has to. The VPN won’t slow the system down, at least not noticeably. In fact, when it comes to downloading, users won’t feel the difference in speed at all.

All user need to have in order to be able to use this VPN is a browser to extend. Surfshark works perfectly with both Chrome and Firefox, two of the most popular browsers at this time.  Also, it works on Android and iOS devices and users can even choose to install the extension directly onto their routers. Installing and setting up Surfshark VPN extension only takes a couple of minutes. Once the VPN extension is installed, users can access the user-friendly interface that allows them to safely surf the internet from wherever they are.

One might think that the over 100 servers of Surfshark are insufficient. Surprisingly, even though this VPN doesn’t brag about having several thousands of servers all over the world, it really does its job, just as well as other VPN services. The servers are located in 14 countries, and that is more than enough for the VPN to ensure the privacy users need it to. Surfshark VPN offers a no logs policy, it uses the most secure protocols, both for computers and for mobile devices, and it allows P2P and torrenting. Probably one of the best things about this particular VPN is that it protects connections over public WiFi, which is incredibly easy to hack otherwise.

Even though Surfshark VPN extension doesn’t necessarily impress with its apps and its number of servers, it definitely compensates for these with its around-the-clock assistance service. Surfshark offers an easy-to-use help section, several user guides, and in case these prove to be insufficient, there is even live chat users can rely on to get help. Other VPN providers also offer the live chat solution, however, in some cases it takes forever until someone actually answers users’ questions. At Surfshark, it took me less than a minute to get in touch with someone who could offer me the help I needed.

Surfshark VPN extension might be a newcomer but it means serious business. Of course, there are other VPN providers who offer similar features, however, Surfshark is really fresh, it is extremely easy to use, and it is still developing, so we expect it to offer even more in the future. Customers can opt for one month, 6-month, 12-month or 24-month plans. Naturally, there is a 30-days money back guarantee with all of them, and you can actually get your money back in this period without the provider nagging you for sticking around. The price of the service is really reasonable and customers have several payment methods to choose from, which is also notable.

Overall, Surfshark VPN extension is a great service to use. It offers a lot for its price and it is really easy to use. Hopefully, the new provider will keep up the good work and bring along new features in the future. After all, these days it is crucial to keep up with all the changes.


Surfshark VPN Extension

User interface
Use of resources
Privacy features

Surfshark VPN Extension is one of the newest players in town. It is fresh, efficient and still improving.

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