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ewin racing champion series gaming chair

Ewin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair Review – Never going back to my old chair again

I recently decided to invest in a gaming chair. I have been thinking about this for a while but I didn’t go for it until I started to experience some back pain due to long hours spent in front of my computer. Some of the time was for office work, some of it for gaming. The end result was that I found myself spending more than half of the day in a chair and it started to become quite uncomfortable. After I studied the market for a short while, I decided to choose the EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair, and I think it was truly a great choice.

The product arrived quite rapidly, in only a few days. Even though I am not necessarily a master in assembling furniture, I didn’t encounter any problems in assembling this gaming chair. The indications were great, exact and in a really short time I could actually sit in the chair and try it out. Honestly, I didn’t realize just how uncomfortable my previous office chair was until I felt just how comfortable it can be to sit in a truly great one.  Also, I didn’t have to rob a bank in order to purchase the EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair, which is equally great.

One of the things that made me choose this exact model was its design. It is a modern, stylish piece of furniture that looks amazing in my office. Of course, it wouldn’t look as well in an office with traditional, old-school furniture, but it definitely fits into a more modern one. The chair is available in several color variants, all of them looking great, so it wasn’t a simple task to choose one, however, I managed to do it and went for the black and blue combination.

The build quality was the other feature that convinced me to choose the EWin Racing Calling  Series Gaming Chair. The base of the chair is made of metal, and so is its frame. The high-density memory foam that comes on the stainless steel frame is the one that truly turns this piece of furniture into the most comfortable one I’ve ever sat in. The material of the tapestry is also high-quality and I expect it to look great for a long period of time. The plastic parts have a pleasant feel to them and they also look great, so they complete the picture quite nicely.

I am quite small, so finding a gaming chair that works for me was not easy. The EWin Racing Calling  Series Gaming Chairs is one of those PC gaming chairs that can work perfectly for a great variety of people. This is due to the fact that it is adjustable in more than one way. Users can adjust the height of the chair, the position of the armrests, of the pillows, and it even has a lever operated back recliner that allows you to comfortably lean back whenever you need to take a break. Making all the adjustments according to your particular needs takes a little time, but then again, you only need to make them once and then enjoy the comfort of the best chair you can wish for.

Naturally, there are a lot of gaming chairs on the market right now, so there is a great variety of them to choose from. Unfortunately, some of them are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. The EWin Racing Calling Series Gaming Chair has the right price. It is an investment, so don’t expect to pay for it the same sum you would pay for a regular chair, even so, it is an affordable item and it is worth every cent of its price. After all, it takes care of the health of your back and it ensures the overall comfort of the user. Spending several hours uninterrupted in this chair is not uncomfortable at all.


I am really happy that I decided to go for this particular PC gaming chair. It offers everything I need from an office chair, and it is also affordable with its $289 price tag.  Its regular retail price is a little higher, at $349, however, Ewin often offers the product on sale, so it’s really easy to buy it for a really good price. I can only recommend it to everyone who needs to spend long hours in a chair at their office or even for fun, gaming.

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