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3 Tips for Comparing Medical Device Suppliers

The process of purchasing, using, or selling a new medical device can be somewhat nerve-racking, as there’s a lot at stake if you’re not careful about selecting the safest products. Furthermore, the intense competition in the field means that there are usually many manufacturers and suppliers to choose from, which only serves to make the comparison phase more difficult due to the abundance of options you’ll have to consider. Luckily, you can reliably find the best medical device suppliers and avoid mishaps simply by heeding the following fundamental tips:

1. Use a Distributor Database

Manually searching for suppliers and contacting each one individually is the slowest and most inefficient route to finding a reliable distributor. While you may have the option of working directly with the manufacturer if you’re ordering large shipments or working with bespoke devices, it’s typically easier to find such companies by utilizing a distributor or manufacturer database. For example, Octopart provides a database that makes it easy to find an Accupro manufacturer. Using searchable databases like these will help with your comparison because you can narrow and refine your search using a variety of criteria.

2. Order Multiple Samples Before Committing to Bulk Orders

Even if you’re very sure that the manufacturer you’re ordering from is reputable and trustworthy, it’s still wise to actually test out the product itself before you make a bulk order. In fact, ordering and comparing multiple samples from a few different suppliers is usually the best approach when you’re trying to ensure the utmost product quality and performance. With many medical devices being very similarly priced, key features are often the deciding factors for consumers. Plus, many people with medical conditions will invest extra in the best form of treatment, so you want to make sure you’re not providing a shoddy or B-grade product.

3. Do Your Due Diligence Regarding Their Reputation

Never assume that a company is reputable based solely on the design of their website or any other aesthetic feature. Instead, do your research to find others who have already dealt with the manufacturer. If you heeded the first tip given above, checking their reputation should be as simple as viewing the profile or feedback page of the prospective supplier or distributor to examine their ratings and reviews.

Medical Devices are Becoming Cheaper by the Year

In closing, it’s important to note that the prices for medical devices are following the same trend that many other forms of technology are subject to – gradually decreasing in price as time passes. Thus, it’s best to re-consider your supplier arrangement periodically to ensure you’re taking advantage of the latest price breaks in your industry. After all, you don’t want to be locked into overpaying when your competition is on the cutting edge of finding the cheapest suppliers. Likewise, negotiating with your current supplier can often yield more desirable results than switching to a new one altogether, especially if you’ve already established a stable working relationship with them.

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