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The New High-Power DC Emulator from Keysight Technologies Is Perfect for Testing Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Systems

To help customers achieve high-power DC charging tests up to 270 kilowatts (kW) in a small footprint, Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company delivering advanced design and validation solutions, has announced the enhancement of the Scienlab Regenerative DC Emulator (SL1800A Series).

High-power DC test equipment are typically cumbersome and take up a lot of room in the lab. These setups are not only inefficient, but they also need a lot of power to run the test equipment and air conditioning for the laboratory during high-power testing. Customers need an easy-to-set-up and use solution for executing high-power DC fast-charging testing, one that takes into account the power requirements with communication tests and monitoring.

When used in conjunction with the SL1047A Scienlab Charging Discovery System, Keysight’s Scienlab Regenerative DC Emulator allows clients to authentically imitate high-voltage, high-power electric vehicle batteries during charging test applications including high-power DC rapid charging. This system can simulate electric vehicle batteries with voltages up to 1500 V, currents up to 900 A, and power outputs of up to 1 MW when connected in parallel (MW).

The SL1800A Series from Keysight has many advantages.

Modern silicon-carbide (SiC) wide-bandgap semiconductors allow for more efficient system operation and lab cooling. Not to mention, the system only loses 4 percent of its electricity to heat.
When simulating an electric vehicle battery’s charging process by functioning as an electronic load, a regenerative system is used to send excess energy back into the grid.
compact design that makes the most of the available area in the lab.

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