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Old Musk video demonstrates how he made his first millions.

It can now shoot 4K at up to 60p for at least 30 minutes.
 Elon Musk is still in the news, and a footage from a 1999 documentary that shows the multi-billionaire when he was only a millionaire has surfaced.The episode begins with Musk and his then-fiance Justine Wilson awaiting the delivery of his new automobile, a $1 million McLaren F1. Musk had just purchased the car with money he received from the sale of one of his early businesses, Zip2, which he had just purchased.

Newspapers may post their articles online and sell the content through ads thanks to the now-defunct company. The documentary claims that Musk received $400 million in cash from the sale of the business.

In this video, Musk, who is about 28 years old, demonstrates his aptitude for investing and for detecting emerging trends. In the video, he reveals that X.com, a software business that aimed to develop a simple online payment system that later became PayPal, is where he is currently concentrating a lot of his attention.

He argues that because the company is cashing in on the banking industry, which he considers to be “the biggest sector of the world’s economy,” it has the potential to become a “multi-billion dollar windfall.”

It’s like a succession of poker games, Musk said. “I just brought those chips with me and moved on to a higher stakes poker game.” “I haven’t gone and spent a significant portion of my profits; instead, I have reinvested practically all of it in the new game.”

Musk declares at the end of the video that appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone would be “awesome.” He made the November 2017 cover, therefore it’s safe to say that objective was successfully attained.

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