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It appears that footage from Hideo Kojima’s unannounced film “Overdose” has surfaced

Hideo Kojima has released online footage of what appears to be a new horror game.

The gameplay appears to be the same as that which was initially described in a Try Hard Guides post from June, according to the footage that is currently trending on social media and which can be seen in the video embedded below.


It looks to include Margaret Qualley, who starred in Death Stranding, the first game by Kojima Productions. In a third-person view, it depicts a character using a flashlight to move through dimly lit hallways.

The video ends with a jump scare before the words “GAMEOVER,” “A Hideo Kojima Game,” and then “OVERDOSE” are displayed.

It was asserted that Kojima Productions asked for the footage to be taken down after the report describing it was published earlier this year, thus supporting the assertions in the narrative.


Since Death Stranding’s debut in November of last year, Kojima has been teasing his upcoming project. In that same month, he claimed to be watching horror films in preparation for a future endeavor, and in April 2020, he declared his desire to one day create a “revolutionary” horror game.

Kojima announced in June that he is collaborating with Xbox on a cloud-based project.

He said, “There’s a game I’ve always wanted to make. “This is a brand-new game that no one has ever played or seen before. I’ve been anticipating the day I could finally begin to make it for a very long time.

The ability to challenge myself to create this never-before-seen concept has now been possible because to Microsoft’s cutting edge cloud technology and the shift in the industry’s trend.

Kojima has recently confirmed that Elle Fanning and Shiori Kutsuna will be appearing in an upcoming game from his studio.

He also said in an interview with The Guardian that one of his forthcoming projects is “almost like a new media” and that, if it is successful, it will change both the video game and film industries.


In an interview that was released in May, actor Norman Reedus, who portrayed Death Stranding’s main character Sam Porter Bridges, appeared to confirm that a sequel is in the works.

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