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Amazon describes the launch of Matter for Alexa devices

Even though Matter is still in its very early phases, the largest rivals in the consumer electronics industry have so far managed to work together in peace. Following its recent debut, a number of companies, including Apple, Samsung, and Google, have described their intentions to adopt the universal smart home standard.

Amazon is revealing some information about its own strategy today. 30 Echo and Eero devices, or roughly 100 million devices worldwide (give or take), are expected to adopt the standard, the company said in a post this morning.

The company is commencing the roll out with 17 Amazon products, starting with an Android-based configuration, including Echos, plugs, switches, and lighting. That’s scheduled for next month, with iOS compatibility coming later and Eero device support somewhere in early 2023.

As part of its ongoing efforts to assure device compatibility, the business is also taking advantage of the occasion to announce Works with Alexa (WWA) for Matter devices. Amazon adds:

Devices must be Matter certified by the CSA in order to meet WWA for Matter criteria, which can be started concurrently with the WWA certification process in order to maintain the high standard that customers expect. We won’t require current Works With Alexa certified devices to go through re-certification if they receive over-the-air updates to support Matter and pass Matter certification.

Additionally, the business is working with Samsung to make it easier for customers to set up their devices using Alexa or SmartThings. Amazon is back again:

This partnership is based on future Alexa APIs that enable Matter device credential sharing and bi-directional multi-admin simple setup. These cloud-based APIs are made to make complicated technology disappear, enabling users to easily add Matter devices to their favourite services and delivering on Matter’s promise to make the smart home experience simpler for our customers.

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