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All professional accounts on Instagram now have access to an in-app scheduling feature

Instagram has announced that all professional accounts using its app will soon have access to an in-app scheduling feature. Businesses and creators may now schedule posts in advance without using third-party apps or Creator Studio thanks to the new feature. The new scheduling tool will probably change the game because social media managers and producers have long relied on third-party programs to schedule posts on Instagram. A few weeks after the social network started testing the scheduling function with a small group of members, it was officially launched.

Businesses and creators will be able to schedule posts, reels, and carousels within the app up to 75 days in advance thanks to the new capability.

After publishing a post, press “Advanced options” to get to the scheduling tool. The “Schedule this post” toggle will then appear. You can choose the time and date that you want the post to go live after choosing the new option. The next step is to return to the Instagram post flow and select “schedule.” The “Scheduled Content” area of the hamburger menu will allow creators and businesses to view scheduled posts. You can also postpone items in this area if necessary.

Given that app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi mentioned that Instagram was developing a scheduling function back in July, the introduction of the new capability isn’t exactly a surprise.

Instagram introduced “Achievements” in loops in addition to the new scheduling function. When generating a reel, creators can earn accomplishments by working with another creator, interacting with their community by making reels more interactive, producing more than one reel in a week, or employing popular audio and effects. After releasing their reel, creators will receive a notification when an achievement has been unlocked. Additionally, students will be able to maintain tabs on the accomplishments they have and have not attained. Starting this week, Instagram will begin testing Achievements worldwide.

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