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From early 2023, 1Password will support Passkeys

Today, the well-known password manager 1Password announced that it will start supporting passkeys in the first quarter of 2023, enabling users to sign in to approved websites and apps without entering a password. Your identity is instead verified through biometric authentication on reliable devices, which eliminates the possibility of password compromise or phishing.
Apple added support for passkeys in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, tvOS 16, and macOS Ventura. For convenience and redundancy, iCloud Keychain is used to sync across devices. In order to ensure passkey interoperability, Apple has been working with FIDO Alliance members Google and Microsoft. Apple’s version of passkeys will be able to function with non-Apple devices by using your iPhone to scan a QR code and authenticate.

According to 1Password, their implementation of passkeys is preferable to those of single-ecosystem companies like Apple since it does not require hacks like QR code scanning for its passkeys to function.

A demo of how passkeys function has been set up on the 1Password website for users who are curious about how they work. To access the demo, users must have a 1Password account and the most recent version of the 1Password extension for Chrome or Edge. Firefox and Safari support has not yet been implemented. The list of websites and applications that already support passkeys is kept up to date by 1Password and includes Google, Microsoft, Twitter, eBay, Best Buy, GitHub, and many more.

According to 1Password, complete support for passkeys will be added to its browser extensions and desktop programs in the first half of 2023, with support for mobile devices to follow.

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