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Elon Musk suggests allowing almost everyone who was banned from Twitter to return

We all know how the first poll turned out, so he’s doing another one.
Elon Musk has launched a new poll asking users whether they think he should reinstate the majority of suspended accounts now that he has made it clear that he is completely done with the “moderation council” hoax. He posed the following question on Wednesday: “Should Twitter provide all suspended accounts a broad amnesty, assuming that they have not violated the law or sent out heinous spam?” He gave users 24 hours to vote, and “yes” is currently far ahead.

Trump’s return to the website was the subject of a poll conducted by Musk in the past, with the “yes” votes narrowly outpacing the “no” votes. It’s too early to predict how the general amnesty poll will turn out because it’s only been active for a little over an hour.

Musk announced that Twitter would create a committee to decide which users should be permitted back onto the network shortly after seizing control of the company. Since then, that notion has been abandoned, and it appears that Musk is now prepared to make significant adjustments largely solely on his own judgment. Rolling back more than a decade’s worth of moderation decisions represents such a significant shift that it is difficult to even fathom it, particularly given that Twitter’s core offering is content moderation.
When this modification will occur, if at all, is not specified in Musk’s survey. Theoretically, it shouldn’t matter if the website is overrun by negative actors, in accordance with his vision for the platform. He has already stated that he wants hateful and bad tweets to essentially go unnoticed until you specifically look for them. However, because Twitter’s trust and safety teams were severely impacted by cutbacks, moderators would still be needed to properly report those accounts. Musk might also intend to rely more on Twitter Blue verification, but there are ways it can be misused and it isn’t yet available.

Musk has previously made at least a few exceptions to his free speech principles. He has stated, for instance, that Alex Jones won’t be permitted to use the platform. Twitter used to have a communications team; otherwise, we would have asked more questions about how its “universal amnesty” would operate.

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