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Youth “Gaming Addiction” Defeated by Strict Restrictions, According to China Report

According to a recent report by the China Game Industry Group Committee, which was covered by state media outlets, the “gaming addiction” that supposedly engulfed China’s youth has been definitively resolved by strict gaming restrictions. The report, which was made public on the official WeChat account of data provider CNG, may result in a relaxation of the rules intended to prevent minors from playing video games for more than three hours per week.

A healthier population is the result of approximately 75% of Chinese youths capping their gaming time at this amount, according to the report.

Youth gaming, which is referred to as “spiritual opium,” is thought to have a number of adverse effects, including myopia, lack of focus, and mental health issues in China. The Chinese government does not view gaming favorably, despite studies from other countries showing that it does not negatively affect wellbeing and, in some cases, can enhance cognitive abilities in specific tasks.

As winter draws near and China maintains its “zero COVID policy,” putting the country on lockdown, gaming has become more popular among adults, and many kids are hoping that the restrictions will be loosened. Whether the report will be viewed as a successful outcome or as proof that a policy is effective and should be continued remains to be seen.

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