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After Falling From A Cruise Ship, Man Is Discovered Alive More Than 15 Hours Later

You might anticipate falling from a cruise ship to be a fatal mishap, and it seems much less possible that you would survive being lost at sea for a whole night. Despite rescuers’ estimates that he had been lost at sea for more than 15 hours, a man who was cruising in the Gulf of Mexico managed to do just that and was taken from the water alive.

According to Sky News, the passenger was drinking on board the Carnival Valor when the disaster occurred. The passenger’s sister raised the alarm after he failed to use the restroom or return to his cabin the previous night, and a massive search operation was started.

To find the 28-year-old guy, the Coast Guard sent out boats and an Ocean Sentry surveillance plane. After a nearby carrier by the name of Crinis reported seeing a person in the water, they were able to focus their search.


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Amazing video demonstrates how cameras were able to locate the man in the sea, and how a Jayhawk chopper crew was able to successfully bring him to shore. Although the precise duration of the man’s time in the water is unknown, it is estimated that 32 hours passed between the time he went missing and when he was found. He might have been in the water for more than 15 hours, according to the rescuers.

The rescue was followed by the passenger’s transportation to the New Orleans Lakefront Airport for medical attention. Although he displayed symptoms of hypothermia and dehydration, according to The Guardian, he is supposed to have been stable throughout the terrifying experience.

“We are incredibly glad that this case had a successful resolution, “According to a statement from Lt. Seth Gross, a Sector New Orleans search and rescue operation coordinator:

“The Coast Guard watchstanders, reaction personnel, and our experienced maritime partners operating in the Gulf of Mexico had to work together to find the missing person and bring him to safety. The motor yacht Crinis’ attentive crew saved the day in this scenario, which would have had a far more challenging outcome.

Even though the chances of surviving a fall from a cruise ship are remote, they do exist. Landing in water can be just as frightening as landing on solid ground, depending on how high you fall and how choppy the water is. Additionally, there is a good chance that something will be struck as you descend.

Another important factor is water temperature. A heart attack can occasionally happen even in young, otherwise healthy persons due to cold water shock, a physiological reaction to abrupt exposure to cold water that causes blood vessels to contract and can elevate heart rate.

“You simply can’t take for granted that he was able to keep himself afloat and above the surface of the water for such a long amount of time,” Gross told CNN. “It’s just something that’ll live with me forever.” One of those Thanksgiving miracles, he claimed, and “the absolute longest that I’ve heard about.”

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