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In France, Germany, Ireland, and the UK, Apple’s iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite feature is currently operational

After initially debuting the iPhone 14 Emergency SOS satellite feature in the United States and Canada last month, Apple has now expanded it to France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Users can communicate with emergency services through messaging when not within range of cellular and Wi-Fi networks thanks to the service, which was first introduced in September.

By holding down the power and volume buttons for a long time or quickly pushing the power button five times, emergency SOS via satellite can be activated. Following that, users will see an interface that will aid in connection. Users will next view a brief questionnaire that is intended to enable them quickly and easily respond to important questions. This information is sent to dispatchers in the initial message so that they can rapidly grasp a user’s status and location.

According to a news release from Apple, “Following the questionnaire, the straightforward UI informs the user where to put their iPhone to connect and delivers the initial message.” The user’s survey results, location, including altitude, iPhone battery level, and Medical ID, if enabled, are all included in this message. The survey and any subsequent messages are sent straight to relay centers manned by Apple-trained professionals who can make support calls on the user’s behalf via satellite. To inform the user’s emergency contacts, the transcript can also be shared with them.

Users can now open the Find My app and communicate their location via satellite if they wish to reassure their friends and family of their locations when traveling in a region with no cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. Simply choose the “Me” tab, slide up to see “My Location by Satellite,” and then choose “Send My Location.”


Starting at the time a new iPhone 14 is activated, Emergency SOS via satellite is available for free for two years. The cost of the service after that time frame has not been disclosed by Apple. It’s important to note that iOS 16.1 or later is required for Emergency SOS via satellite and Find My via satellite.


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