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Elon Musk Drops Out of Twitter Election to Stay CEO

Since billionaire Elon Musk took over on October 27, Twitter has been in a wild spiral. Consecutive poor choices have resulted in sponsors leaving, neo-Nazis returning, and most recently, the expulsion of journalists who have negatively covered Elon Musk.

A contentious new rule that forbids links to any other social media, including link aggregators like Linktree, was implemented yesterday. Musk himself questioned the public if he should resign as CEO after an uproar caused the policy to be swiftly repealed.

And the general people has declared that Musk should step down. At the poll’s conclusion, 57.5 percent of respondents favored Musk’s resignation, while 42.5 percent opposed it.

Many have questioned whether Musk’s decision to unfollow himself from Twitter is simply a ruse in response to the decline in Tesla’s stock price, which is predicted to go below $150 per share.


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