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New personalization options and the ability to give a subscription are added by Snapchat+

Three new features are being added to Snapchat’s $3.99/monthly paid subscription service, Snapchat+. Subscribers can now alter the camera capture button, app icons, and other aspects of the app to give it a more distinctive appearance and feel. The camera capture button can be customized by users to be a certain color or shape, such a heart or a soccer ball.

Now that the “Chat Wallpapers” option has been added, subscribers can also give their chats a unique background. The invention of chat wallpapers may have been credited to Meta’s WhatsApp, which has had the capability for a while. Now that they have access to the regular backdrops found in the app or their photo roll, Snapchat+ customers can change the chat wallpapers on their devices.

Finally, users may now use the new “Gifting” option to give a buddy a Snapchat+ subscription for the holidays. Given that Snapchat announced this functionality would roll out this month in October, the rollout of this feature is not unexpected. For $39.99, you can gift a buddy a 12-month subscription to Snapchat+ through Gifting.

Users were able to set their Snapchat Stories to expire at varied intervals rather than 24 hours after the social network’s earlier Snapchat+ feature went live in October. Following the change, users of Snapchat+ may now specify the time at which Snaps on their Stories expire, choosing from options like one hour, six hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, two days, three days, or one week. Additionally, it offered users the choice of using various personalized notification noises for when a friend snapped a photo of them.

In June, Snapchat unveiled its paid membership service, which included a number of privileged, beta, and experimental features. A special badge, the ability to pin a buddy as your No. 1 friend, and the opportunity to view who has rewatched your story are all unlocked by upgrading to Snapchat+. The subscription also gives you access to information such as “the general direction of travel for where pals have recently moved.” According to estimates, Snapchat+ helped the app generate over $5 million in revenue in its first month of availability.

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