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TikTok Is No Longer The Most Popular Social Media Website

Google Maps, the world’s most popular website domain, as well as everyone else’s preferred search engine, were dethroned from the top spot late last year.

The tech juggernaut was demoted to second place on Cloudflare Radar’s popularity list by a surprise (relative) newcomer. Despite the best efforts of authorities, TikTok is still permitted in the US and has topped all other social media rivals. These rankings were in place as of late last year.

Top 10 most popular domains in late 2021

1. TikTok.com
2. Google.com
3. Facebook.com
4. Microsoft.com
5. Apple.com
6. Amazon.com
7. Netflix.com
8. YouTube.com
9. Twitter.com
10. WhatsApp.com

In February 2021, the well-known video-sharing app TikTok briefly held the top place for one day. But in March, TikTok held onto the top rank for a few more days before overtaking it on the majority of days in August. Although Facebook continues to have the most subscribers globally, the website has surpassed Facebook as the most popular social networking platform on the Internet in terms of traffic.

According to a review of the most popular websites in 2022 by Cloudfare, TikTok’s supremacy over Google or Facebook was short-lived.

Top 10 most popular domains of 2022

1. Google
2. Facebook
3. Apple, TikTok
5. YouTube
6. Microsoft
7. Amazon Web Services
8. Instagram
9. Amazon
10. iCloud, Netflix, Twitter, Yahoo

In other adjustments, Twitter dropped to a tie for 10th with Yahoo while WhatsApp dropped out of the top 10. Facebook recovered the top rank among social media platforms, while Meta’s own Instagram was right behind it.

Top 10 most popular social media sites (by traffic)

1. Facebook
2. TikTok
3. Instagram
4. Twitter
5. Snapchat
6. LinkedIn
7. Discord
8. Reddit
9. Pinterest
10. Kwai

It should be mentioned that the analysis of traffic to all websites does not include adult websites. Pornhub managed to rank at number 10 in a Statista analysis of adult websites.

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