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Global users of WhatsApp now have access to official proxy support

WhatsApp said on Thursday that it is introducing proxy support for all of its users worldwide. Users will be able to continue using WhatsApp even if their connection is interrupted or blocked thanks to the support.

By selecting a proxy, users can connect to WhatsApp through servers run by individuals and groups devoted to promoting free speech throughout the world. According to WhatsApp, using a proxy connection preserves the app’s privacy and security settings, and end-to-end encryption will continue to secure private conversations. According to the business, neither the proxy servers, WhatsApp, nor Meta will be able to see the communications that are sent between them.

We hope these internet outages never happen in 2023,” WhatsApp stated in a blog post. “Disruptions like the ones we’ve witnessed in Iran for months on end violate people’s human rights and prevent them from accessing life-saving aid. We nevertheless expect that this approach will assist people wherever there is a need for secure and trustworthy communication in the event that these shutdowns continue.

For users of the most recent version of the software, the new option is present in the settings menu. According to WhatsApp, if you have internet access, you can look for reliable sources who have set up proxies on social media or search engines. You must access WhatsApp settings, hit “Storage and Data,” then choose “Proxy” to connect to a proxy. To connect, tap “Use Proxy,” enter the proxy address, and then hit “Save.”

You will notice a checkmark if the connection was successful. The proxy may have been blocked if you are still unable to send or receive WhatsApp messages using it. You can attempt again in this situation using a different proxy address. WhatsApp warns users using third-party proxies that doing so will reveal their IP address to the proxy service.

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