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Royal Mail issues a major disruption warning following a “cyber incident”

Following a cyber incident, Royal Mail, the U.K. postal service, has reported “serious service disruption.”

In a statement released on Wednesday, Royal Mail claimed that the malware prevented it from sending export items, such as letters and packages, to foreign countries. International packages that had already been sent out “may be subject to delays,” it noted.

While we work diligently to find a solution, we have advised consumers to refrain from temporarily uploading any export products to the network, according to Royal Mail. “With a few small delays, our import operations continue to provide a full service. Our teams are working nonstop to put an end to this inconvenience, and we’ll let our customers know as soon as we know more.

Further information, including the incident’s nature and the perpetrator(s), is still unknown, and Royal Mail has not yet replied to TechCrunch’s inquiries. The business also stated that it has informed the appropriate authorities and is working with unnamed professional specialists to investigate the event.

Worldwide, Royal Mail delivers to 231 nations and territories.

The incident’s news coincides with a string of strikes by Royal Mail employees in the UK demanding better pay and working conditions. Additionally, it happens just a few weeks after a data breach at the British Postal Service, which Sky News said exposed consumer information to other users.

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