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DoorDash adds new rider safety features, such as fewer notifications

DoorDash, a delivery service, is launching new features for riders, including fewer notifications, a request that clients refrain from texting them while they are driving, and messaging that encourages one-tap replies.

In order to reduce the number of notifications sent to delivery partners while they are in transit, DoorDash is updating its iOS app (for iOS 15 or higher). Only a few notifications will be sent to them, such as when the delivery address has changed, a customer has messaged them, or an order has been reassigned after running out of time while they were traveling. Other notifications will be muted, and delivery partners won’t be able to see them until they signal that they have arrived.

The company is making this feature available to all users of iPhones worldwide, with plans to add support for Android in the near future.

Customers will receive a prompt from DoorDash asking them not to text delivery people while they are driving. Customers are not actually informed by the business if the delivery partner is operating the vehicle right now. Users are simply advised to exercise caution by the prompt, which reads, “Please note that your Dasher may be riding and respond slowly.

For delivery personnel as well, the company will soon begin testing a one-tap messaging system. Riders will receive straightforward prompts like “I’m on my way to the store” or “I’m waiting for your order,” similar to smart replies on Gmail or LinkedIn messages. Notably, in 2018, Uber released a comparable system for drivers.

Additionally, DoorDash is introducing a less laborious method of declining an order. Delivery companies have the option of delaying order acceptance until the timer has expired.

The business has added a feature that allows new delivery partners to try out a demo delivery at their home to get a feel for how the platform works. To help the delivery personnel become accustomed to the app before beginning actual deliveries, this process guides them from accepting the order to making the delivery.

We’re laying the groundwork for an ever better, and more importantly, even safer first dash by outlining for them exactly what to expect in the app. As part of the sign-up process, Dashers will now have the option to experience a brief demo order in their Dasher app, the company wrote in a blog post.

According to DoorDash, it collaborated with the telematics company Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) last year to grant drivers access to the DriveWell Go app. It gave participating drivers information about things like their riding’s speed, distance, and braking. The business stated that it is still analyzing data from the U.S. pilot program in order to give drivers feedback.

In November of last year, DoorDash released yet another safety update for users, including options to unassign themselves if a customer used profanity in chat or to check in with the delivery partner if the delivery is taking longer than anticipated. The SafeDash toolkit for riders, which was introduced in 2021, was expanded by this.

As more people rely on delivery services to receive food, groceries, and e-commerce orders, there is an increasing concern about the safety of these workers around the world. To meet the increasing pressure of delivery orders and earn incentives, Indian riders have complained about their safety and frequently been involved in accidents. There haven’t been many legislative changes for the riders, though. On the other hand, Europe has been promoting reforms that might provide insurance and safety to gig workers. Additionally, the United States has a number of proposals ready that would grant gig workers more rights.


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