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Statsig increases the number of its free feature management tools

With the help of feature gates and other experimentation tools, Statsig, a well-funded Bellevue, Washington-based startup that enables product teams to test and evaluate new features (using real-time data from actual customers), announced today that it is essentially making its feature gating capabilities available for free to most users.

All but its largest customers will now be able to use this essential component of its service for free thanks to the new allowance in the free plan, which has been increased from the previous 5 million events per month to 500 million events.

It’s important to emphasize that you must still pay to use Statsig’s advanced analytics tools. The feature management service is relatively inexpensive to run for Statsig, according to Satsig founder and CEO Vijaye Raji, but there are significant costs associated with running some of the analytics workloads for some of the company’s larger customers.

What is the largest number you can choose? However, if you were to choose something that is producing a lot of events and then choose a million users, what would that — on average — generate? Different levels and sessions may produce different numbers of events. That amounted to roughly 500 million, Raji said. He also pointed out that, according to the team’s calculations, the cost of the free plan and its analytics features will be covered even if only a small number of free users upgrade to the paid plan. Welcome to the era of product-driven expansion.

The number of events is the only restriction on the free plan. The quantity of feature gates, users, seats, or environments is unrestricted. The service’s user targeting and segmentation features are also available to free users.

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