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iOS WhatsApp video calls get picture-in-picture

WhatsApp’s iOS update adds picture-in-picture. This lets callers use WhatsApp or other apps without muting the video.

The 23.3.77 iOS app introduced this feature. Previously, if you switched apps on your iPhone during a WhatsApp video call, the other person couldn’t see your feed. The new feature lets you respond to messages or search your phone without interrupting the call.

Last December, WhatsApp announced it was testing picture-in-picture for iOS video calls with select people.

WhatsApp will also let iOS and Android users caption documents they send.

The company is testing a feature that lets iOS users send 100 photos or documents at once. The latest Android update includes this feature.

WhatsApp added voice updates, emoji reactions to Statuses, rich link previews in Statuses, restricting who can view an update, and rings around profile pictures if they have uploaded a new Status earlier this month.

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