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OnePlus’ gaming prototype phone glows with liquid cooling

OnePlus may no longer release with caution. The Oppo-owned OnePlus 11 debuted in January. The 11R, targeting the expanding Indian smartphone market, came this month. The business now sells last year’s 10T and 10 Pro, three affordable Nord devices, five earphones, and a tablet. Expect a new mechanical keyboard and foldables.

This week at MWC, the business showed a gadget that will never be sold. The OnePlus 11 Concept is a reimagining of the company’s flagship. The significant differentiators indicate a corporation looking to take mobile gaming more seriously. It’s unclear if it will release a gaming phone, as the market has been mixed.

Generational breakthroughs make meaningful gaming on the small screen more likely. “We will put a lot of attention into technology development and design,” OnePlus President and COO Kinder Liu said through a translator. We will examine the market and technology maturity before commercializing these technologies.


Liu says OnePlus launched a liquid-cooled phone to gauge market interest. “We want to encourage constant innovation in our company,” he adds.

“Active CryoFlux” is OnePlus’s new technology. A 0.2-square-centimeter piezoelectric ceramic micropump pumps coolant through a conduit behind the device and around the huge camera array. The device’s glass back shines light on the procedure. It’s cool and frequently compared to Phone 1, which OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei introduced in his book Nothing last year.

Since smartphone innovation has stalled, manufacturers are likely to change device design. Manufacturers need fresh ways to boost smartphone sales, which have declined across the board.

“Many young people like games,” says Liu. “Gaming is vital in their digital lives, and we will continue to improve their gaming experience.” We discuss gaming development with our users. “We’re talking about improving the gaming experience, and we think we’ll have more time to talk to them.”


The chats reference the company’s longstanding user engagement. Many customers are concerned that the community’s involvement in OnePlus’ development has changed since Oppo bought it. OnePlus’ OxygenOS and Oppo’s Color OS were originally planned to unite. After user outrage, the firm retreated.

Liu believes stronger communication with the outside world may be enhanced.

After 5G adoption has slowed, will gadget makers focus on gaming? Devices like ASUS, Nubia, and Xiaomi focus on that experience. Yet Samsung and Apple seem content to make gaming easier on their flagship devices. OnePlus has surprised me previously, but I expect the latter.

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