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Meta is testing AI-powered WhatsApp and Messenger chat

Every company wants in on the generative AI wave. Meta is testing AI-powered products. Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is creating “a new top-level product group” to integrate generative AI into its billion-user services.

Zuckerberg said the team will initially build creative tools but eventually create “AI personas that can help people in a variety of ways.” He warned that the company must lay a lot of groundwork before offering these “futuristic” experiences.

The company is testing WhatsApp and Messenger text-based AI tools, likely ChatGPT-style conversation bots. These could be fun for users, but Meta could eventually use them to sell and support businesses.

Meta is also testing Instagram AI filters, ad formats, and “video and multi-modal experiences.”

Axios reports that former Apple executive Ahmad Al-Dahle will lead the project, which will report to Chief Product Officer Chris Cox.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot popularized generative AI tools. Microsoft has added AI to Bing search and the Edge browser. Google responded this month by testing Bard, a competitor. You.com and Neeva also integrate AI-powered chat products. Snapchat, like Facebook, launched a custom-trained chatbot for paid subscribers this month.

It is normal for AI to attack meta. Zuckerberg’s metaverse bet has failed, so the company must find new revenue streams. Like other social networks, Meta Verified launched last week, but paid plans have yet to become a major revenue driver.

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