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Discord releases AI-generated discussion summaries, improves its bot with ChatGPT-like functionality, and more

The newest firm to join the AI craze is Discord. The business revealed today that it is introducing a number of new AI experiences to its servers.

Most significantly, Discord is integrating OpenAI ChatGPT technology into its Clyde bot update so that users can have more in-depth conversations with the bot. To communicate with Clyde in any channel, enter @Clyde in the address bar of a server. You may also request that Clyde start a post so that you and your friends can hang out. Clyde may make music recommendations and utilize GIFs and emojis just like any other Discord member, according to Discord.

According to a blog post by Discord, Clyde is already responding to slash instructions and DMing users who make mistakes. Then, starting the next week, Clyde will be brought to (artificial) life natively within Discord utilizing OpenAI technology.

You can ask Clyde to send you a gif or provide you with five amusing cat-related facts. The business is putting the product through testing and iterations in the hopes that it will become an integral part of the Discord experience.

Moreover, Discord is upgrading its automoderation feature to make use of big language models. In order to locate and notify moderators whenever potential server rules have been breached, AutoMod now makes use of OpenAI technology and is cognizant of the context of a chat. A small number of servers have started the AutoMod AI trial today.

The company says that since AutoMod was released last year, it has automatically stopped more than 45 million unwanted messages from getting to servers before they could be uploaded, which is what server rules say should happen.

Also, Discord is introducing discussion summaries created by AI. In order for users to easily catch up on or join in on issues they’re interested in, the new functionality is designed to group streams of messages into topics. Some users may begin to notice a new panel on the right side of their screen that lists the subjects that have been covered as a result of these new summaries. Conversation summaries are now available on a select few servers and can be activated in the server settings.

Together with these three new AI experiences, Discord revealed that it is also thinking of further ways to integrate AI into its platform. Avatar Remix, an app that allows users to remix one another’s avatars using generative image models, has been made public by Discord. From today, developers can access the Avatar Remix code on GitHub. The business is also investigating a shared visual workspace where users may play with an AI-powered text-to-image generator while collaborating with friends and coworkers.

The company also said it would open an artificial intelligence (AI) incubator and give tools to developers who want to make AI for Discord.The incubator was made possible because Discord promised $5 million to help companies and developers who want to add their skills to the platform.Participants can get access to money grants, office hours with the people who make Discord, and early access to platform features.

Since its release a few months ago, Open AI’s ChatGPT has taken over the internet and grown in popularity, which has caused AI to become a more prominent topic recently. So, the fact that Discord is adding an AI chatbot to its own messaging system is not surprising.

Discord isn’t the only platform to have recently gained new AI capabilities; recently, ChatGPT-like features were also added to Snapchat and Slack.

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