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New travel capabilities on Google Search include a ‘price guarantee’ tool for flights

Google has introduced three new Search capabilities that will make it simpler for consumers to find and book hotels, flights, and tourist attractions. The company is testing a new “price guarantee” logo for airline tickets, which is the most notable change.

When you see the “Price Guarantee” label next to a flight, you can be assured that Google considers that price to be the lowest it will ever go. If you make a reservation through Google, the search engine will keep an eye on the price and refund the difference if it drops before your trip. This new badge expands on the existing functionality of displaying whether current prices are low, typical, or high in comparison to historical norms.

We’ll keep an eye on the price until you leave, and if it drops before you leave, we’ll refund you the difference through Google Pay. You can make a reservation without worrying about passing up a good offer now. For the time being, ‘Book on Google’ price assurances are restricted to departures from the United States.

The search engine giant is also releasing a brand new mobile hotel search experience. A new option to explore each property in a swipeable story style has been added to the “Soho London hotels” search when you tap to view more. You can get a feel for the hotel by scrolling through images taken there. The hotel can be bookmarked, further information on the neighborhood accessed, and a summary of the features most valued by guests viewed. Swipe up to leave the page when you’re done.

The organization is also simplifying the process of locating tourist attractions. Whenever you seek up a tour company or tourist destination on Google Search or Google Maps, you’ll find the ticket costs and a link to purchase tickets right on the result page. For landmarks like the Tower of London, we provide associated activity recommendations, such as a citywide tour with many stops.

These updates follow Google’s announcement a few days ago that it will be releasing new tools for consumers to verify information on Search and launching new extreme heat notifications to assist people stay safe during heat waves.

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