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You can now host a live DJ set on Tidal using their new live function

A new DJ mode is being introduced to Tidal, allowing you to share your music selections with your pals. Live is included in both the standard HiFi plan ($9.99/month) and the premium HiFi Plus plan ($19.99/month) of the streaming service.

It’s not quite like Spotify’s Group Sessions, where everyone can decide what songs play next. Using Tidal’s Live feature, a single user (the initiator) chooses the songs to be played and organizes the setlist. Since December of last year, the Block-owned company has been beta testing it under the “DJ” alias, and it is now being released to all users.

Any song or playlist can be used to start a session by hitting the Live button in the top right corner. A custom session name and URL can be shared with friends and family. If those friends are paying subscribers, they can click the play button to begin listening to music. If they don’t, Tidal will offer them a free trial.

Note, the session includes whatever is now playing in the creator’s presently playing queue. This list, however, can be altered to better fit the topic at hand. In a blog post, Tidal explained that the number of streams for a given song is proportional to the number of users in the session. If five people are listening to the same song, then that song is being streamed five times.

There is, however, a catch. A session can only be created and listened to in the nation in which the user is registered. As a result, you won’t be able to host a listening party for your pals over the border.

According to Tidal, the homepage will feature live sessions from a variety of sources, including the company’s curators and your friends. The business claims it is “learning and experimenting” to improve the section’s usefulness to the customer.

We had a few goals in mind for Live. We felt that Music should be something that could be freely distributed. We made this so that the DJ in your family or your friend with impeccable taste may flaunt their skills with minimal effort. Agustina Sacerdote, Global Head of Product at Tidal, told over the phone, “Think of this as a tech-enabled version of attaching the aux cord at the party.” Although the aux example is spot-on, I doubt many people can connect to it now that smartphones lack headphone jacks.

Users can only view how many people are currently watching a session in terms of social features. Nevertheless, interactive elements like as likes and comments are absent. According to Sacerdote, the streaming service is “envisioning” additions like being able to approve or disapprove of the DJ’s selections with a thumbs up or down.

In addition to the release of the movie, Tidal has emphasized its commitment to developing new talent. The company views these musicians as miniature businesses and wants to assist them in running their operations. It hopes to expand on Block’s history of assisting artists-run enterprises. Tidal has not yet revealed its plans for the tools it is developing.

We were dedicated to the idea of making it easier for musicians to take care of and expand their most valuable asset—their fans. “It’s not hard to conceive of a future in which Live is used by musicians to cultivate and maintain relationships with their fan bases,” Sacerdote speculated.

Tidal told , “all those things are not out of question,” when asked if these tools will include merchandising, tickets, or NFTs, but it did not comment on whether or not it expects to deploy any of these features. In February, Spotify began experimenting with NFT-gated playlists for a small number of users.

Tidal has discontinued its direct artist payout program in favor of a new initiative for up-and-coming musicians dubbed Tidal Rising. The corporation has pledged $5 million to the initiative, which will be used to fund workshops, studio recordings, and promotional materials for participating artists.

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