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LinkedIn offers free identity and employment verification

On Wednesday, LinkedIn announced new identity and work verification methods. LinkedIn’s new verification doesn’t require paid subscriptions or blue checkmarks like Twitter and Meta.

LinkedIn US users are verified by CLEAR, a secure identity platform. Starting this month, users can display CLEAR identity verification on their profiles. You’ll need a government-issued ID and phone number.

Verifying your identity adds a “Verifications” section under the “Connect” and “Message” buttons to your profile. Your profile will show a checkmark next to a “Government ID” banner if you have “a verified government ID.”

LinkedIn users worldwide can verify their work email. Enter a company email verification code to verify your employment. Over 4,000 LinkedIn companies use this feature. The platform plans to offer this option to more companies.

LinkedIn has partnered with Microsoft to issue free digital workplace IDs to eligible users using the Microsoft Entra Verified ID platform. This month’s option will launch. LinkedIn will offer this to dozens of companies with over two million LinkedIn members.

“Through all these new, free features, we’re helping give you the confidence that who you’re connecting with and the content you come across is trusted and authentic,” the company wrote in a blog post. We will gradually make these verification options available to all LinkedIn members worldwide. We’ll keep you informed as we add more features like these.”

LinkedIn introduced phone and email verification last fall. These two verification options don’t appear on your profile with badges like the new ones announced today.

LinkedIn’s verification features focus on verifying users’ identities to protect against fake or scam accounts, unlike Twitter and Meta, which included additional features. Twitter’s $8-per-month Blue subscription includes paid verification and fewer ads. Meta Verified, available on Instagram and Facebook, costs $11.99 per month on the web and $14.99 on mobile.

LinkedIn’s verification features are free because it believes everyone should be verified.

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