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Twitch’s new clip editor makes vertical YouTube and TikTok sharing easy

On Thursday, Twitch launched a new tool that lets streamers create and share vertical video clips in seconds.

Creator dashboard clips manager accesses the new clip editor. Clicking “edit and share clip” opens the easy-to-use editing tool. You can choose a split view that captures two rectangular parts of a clip (usually the game stream and the camera) or a vertical snippet. The only other option is to toggle your channel name on top of the clip.

Twitch integrates YouTube Shorts sharing into the clip editor. Twitch plans to add more integrations, but you can manually share to TikTok or Instagram Reels.

The company said the update was part of its larger strategy to help streamers find new viewers and promote their content on and off Twitch.

Twitch streamers will be relieved that StreamLadder-like workflows are now built into the platform. The feature update makes Twitch feel more connected to the social media ecosystem, which benefits a platform that works well with others and streamers who use cross-promotion to grow their audiences.

Twitch has always focused on long-form livestreaming, unlike Instagram, which has had a multi-year identity crisis. Twitch’s recent embrace of vertical, short-form video is small, but the company could use clips to discover new streamers.

Twitch prioritizes livestreaming. Discovery is a platform issue that forces creators to stick to strict streaming schedules and prioritizes live content. However, the company’s leadership seems aware that long-term streaming sustainability is one of its biggest challenges.

Twitch can use short-form video to solve its discovery issues despite its focus on livestreaming. Twitch may be wise to expand the new clip editor beyond its current use for overworked creators.


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