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Elizabeth Holmes is done

Elizabeth Holmes may be imprisoned after years of high-profile court proceedings. Real this time.

The former Theranos CEO was found guilty of defrauding investors last January, but she has delayed and appealed her sentencing to avoid prison. The infamous biotech entrepreneur is appealing her 11-year sentence, but a Ninth Circuit panel ruled that Holmes’ legal team has not raised a “substantial question” to keep her out of prison. Five years after Theranos collapsed, Holmes will begin serving her prison sentence unless she has more tricks. Holmes was scheduled for prison on April 27. Last month, her ex-boyfriend, Theranos COO Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, reported to prison for defrauding investors and patients.

Holmes and Balwani keep getting bad news. The two former Theranos executives must pay $452 million to victims of their fraud.

Murdoch will receive $125 million. Theranos will pay Walgreens $40 million and Safeway $14.5 million for using its technology in their stores. RDV Corp. will receive $100 million. Black Diamond Ventures, Peer Ventures Group, PFM Funds, and others received restitution.

The New York Times published a controversial, long-form profile of Holmes last week, portraying her as a loving mother, a volunteer for a rape crisis hotline, and a survivor of Balwani’s alleged abuse. Her identity seems true. Holmes also ran a company that raised $10 billion for nonexistent tech.

These actions hurt innocent people. A mother with a history of miscarriages was told she couldn’t have her baby. Erin Tompkins, who used Theranos’ blood testing to save money, was HIV-positive and had to wait three months for a second test. She was HIV-negative. Theranos misdiagnosed Mehrl Ellsworth with cancer.

Ellsworth and Tompkins testified against Balwani and Holmes. However, Balwani was found guilty of defrauding patients and investors, while Holmes was only found guilty of investors.

Holmes is in trouble. Her new self-surrender date is undetermined.

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