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OpenAI’s ChatGPT app tops 500K downloads in 6 days

Before today’s expansion to 11 more global markets, OpenAI’s ChatGPT app was successful in the U.S. and iOS. According to data.ai, the app has reached half a million downloads in its first six days. Only the Trump-backed Twitter clone Truth Social’s February 2022 launch outperformed it.

As demand for AI chatbots increased, third-party apps called “ChatGPT” or “AI chatbot” flooded the App Store. Many of these were fleeceware, trying to trick consumers into paying for expensive AI subscriptions, but a group of top apps still managed to pull in millions in consumer spending. An official ChatGPT app may have struggled in this competitive AI chatbot app market. That wasn’t true.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT app outperformed most of its competitors, including popular AI and chatbot apps and Microsoft’s Bing and Edge apps, which were among the first third-party integrations of OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology.

Bing and Microsoft Edge saw 340,000 and 335,000 downloads across iOS and Android in their best five-day periods in February, respectively, but OpenAI’s iOS-only ChatGPT app easily outperformed them, generating 480,000 installs in its first five days of U.S. launch.

ChatGPT’s 480,000 iOS installs were even higher than Bing and Edge’s 250,000 and 195,000, respectively.

Bing and Edge led ChatGPT in May U.S. downloads across both app stores, but not in iOS installs. ChatGPT may soon surpass these search-focused alternatives.

Data.ai found that the app outperformed other top AI chatbot apps in the U.S., many of which were generically named to capitalize on consumer searches for “AI” and “chatbot” on the App Store. OpenAI’s ChatGPT placed in the top five by downloads in 2023’s best five-day periods on the App Store and Google Play.

“Chat with Ask AI” had 590,000 installs from April 4–8, 2023, compared to ChatGPT’s 480,000 from May 18–22.

ChatGPT ranks in the top five U.S. AI chatbot apps by downloads in May 2023 despite being available for only a week. Data.ai compared ChatGPT and other top chatbot apps for May (through May 23), less than a week after its launch.

By May, the app had 550,000 downloads, tying with Genie — AI Chatbot, the next closest AI chatbot app on the U.S. App Store. However, ChatOn — AI Chat Bot Assistant (610,000 installs), Nova (680,000), and Chat with Ask AI (1.4 million) were ahead. Given how quickly ChatGPT reached half a million installs, it may surpass these rivals.

ChatGPT had one of the best new app debuts this year and in 2022, according to data.ai.

ChatGPT was the No. 2 app launch in the U.S. iOS store after Truth Social, which had 630,000 downloads in its first five days. Widgetable: Lock Screen Widget (360,000 installs) and MyNBA2K23 (310,000 installs) and sendit — Q&A on Instagram (260,000 installs) were the next biggest debuts (five days after launch).

ChatGPT was above the 99.99th percentile for iOS app launches in the U.S. since 2022.

Data.ai reports that only 1% of apps had more than 10,600 U.S. downloads in their first five days, and 0.1% had more than 45,000. It examined 39,000 iOS apps that launched in the U.S. since 2022 and reached the top charts. (Apple Music Classical is excluded from the data).

Installs are one way to measure consumer demand, but analyzing how many people signed up and used the app is more accurate.

Data.ai says it may take weeks to estimate metrics like daily or monthly active users because ChatGPT is so new.

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