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Apple didn’t announce these iOS 17 features onstage

Apple’s Vision Pro headset dominated WWDC on Monday. Apple will release a major iOS update later this year. Personalized call posters, StandBy mode, live voicemail, and improved sticker experience will be added in iOS 17.

Due to time constraints, Apple didn’t mention many new iOS features onstage. The keynote omitted these:

  • iOS 17’s recipe search builds on Apple’s computer vision expertise. Tap a food item in an image to find similar recipes.
  • Image cutout, which lets users lift objects from photos and videos, is also expanding. Users can now “Look up” these objects to learn more.
  • The Photos app now categorizes cats and dogs as people.
  • Freeform will add watercolor brushes, calligraphy pens, highlighters, variable-width pens, and rulers.
  • “Naked photos and videos that show the private body parts that are usually covered by underwear or bathing suits” will be filtered in iOS 17. Avoiding unsolicited nudes requires this. A pop-up asks users to view a sensitive photo. Users can also tap “ways to get help” after consenting to see the image. That option’s company resources are unclear. AirDrop, the system-wide photo picker, FaceTime, Contact Posters in the Phone app, and third-party apps will support this feature.
  • Before viewing, users can blur sensitive images.
  • Mail will auto-fill one-time verification codes.
  • After AutoFilling verification codes, the Password section in Settings lets you automatically delete emails and messages.
  • Contacts now have pronouns.
  • iOS 17 adds Kaleidoscope wallpapers.
  • Apple Music now lets you create a shared playlist with friends. During SharePlay, they can react to songs in the Now Playing queue. Later this year.
  • The Music app now has crossfade. It also tweaked the app’s Now Playing bar.
  • Apple News+ now offers Crossword and Mini crossword puzzles. Sherlocking The New York Times?
  • Apple Podcasts will offer News+ audio stories.
  • Halo, Smirk, and Peekaboo are iOS 17 Memoji stickers.
  • Reminders’ new grocery list automatically sorts items for shopping.
  • Change groups and view items in Kanban-style columns with the app.
  • iOS 17 allows five people to share an AirTag and use the Find My app to locate it.
  • iOS will get PDF Autofill from iPadOS 17. To quickly fill contact fields with device-stored information.
  • PDFs can also be marked up in Notes.
  • iOS 17 adds multiple timers.
  • Like iPadOS 17, iOS 17 will include interactive widgets. This lets you control music or complete tasks without opening an app.
  • iOS 17’s Health app will show your friends’ workout streaks and awards.
  • Apple Fitness+ lets users customize meditation and workout plans.
  • WWDC 2023: Everything from the Apple Vision Pro headset to iOS 17, MacBook Air, and more Apple lets you sign into your iPhone using a nearby device or a phone number or email address listed under your account.
  • Spotlight search lets you change Wi-Fi settings from the search screen.
  • If your phone is dark, AirPods pop-ups are too.
  • iOS 17 adds a stem-held mute/unmute action to AirPods.
  • The Weather app shows yesterday’s weather.We’ll add features as developer beta users find them.iOS 17 will likely launch in fall. A public beta will precede that. These features may change before Apple releases iOS 17.

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