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Gogoro of Taiwan enters India with battery swapping and electric two-wheelers

On Tuesday, Taiwanese electric scooter maker Gogoro launched a battery-swapping network and three smart scooters in India, the world’s most populous country and largest two-wheeler market.

According to Gogoro CEO Horace Luke, India sees India as a manufacturing hub and plans to export its smart scooters to Nepal. The company is launching its Indian scooter in Kathmandu with Nebula Energy.

India’s interests matter strategically to us. Luke said in an interview that we’ve built a strong team in recent years.

Gogoro commenced its strategic entry into India with a battery-swapping network for Delhi and Goa business customers. In the first half of 2024, logistics and business customers in Mumbai and Pune will receive Gogoro battery-swapping stations. In Q2, the company will open the battery swapping network to two-wheeler commuters.

With the battery-swapping network, Gogoro launched its India-made smart scooter, the CrossOver GX250, available immediately. Later in 2024, the CrossOver 50 and S will ship.

At Foxconn’s Maharashtra plant, the CrossOver GX250’s 2.5 kW direct drive system can reach over 60 kph. Four cargo areas—platform design headlight, foot, seat, and rear cargo space—and a flippable rear seat add cargo storage to the two-wheeler.

Since Indian commuters need comfort and roads, the scooter is “uniquely designed” for India.

Gogoro’s India plans begin Tuesday’s launch.

Gogoro will launch GoShare with Indian startup FutureEV later this month. Goa attracts over 8.5 million tourists annually, so the startup will offer Gogoro battery swapping and smart scooters.

After partnering with Hero MotoCorp in 2021, Gogoro began targeting India. In late 2022, the Taiwanese company began testing its smart scooters in India and announced a $1.2 billion investment in Maharashtra in January. To trial its operations in the country, the company invested $25 million in EV fleet management startup Zypp Electric.

Luke said his company has invested “tens of millions” in India and will invest more.

Investment is necessary, so we’re not shy. Gogoro sees a lot of potential in India, he said.

Indian consumer affairs secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said at the launch event that the country sold over a million EVs last year and over a million in nine months this year.

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